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Hey there, i played and made a video on your game, i absolutely love it a lot, it reminded me of Rick And Morty and a game called Broken Age from the switching characters aspect, it is really amazing art as well! Keep up the amazing work!! hopefully i can play more soon! <3

Keep up the good work bro! I loved it!

Excellent demo! I can't wait for the full release 

Great game! Love the story, the graphics and sense of humor. I enjoyed the idea of being able to change characters. The examining of certain items were a bit excessive since they don't serve a purpose (unless they do in the full game) but I can see how they add more character to the scene and to the characters themselves. Great job!

Disappointed when I realized its not about hacking, but it didn't disappoint! Very well done, but I stopped playing when I couldnt get passed the robot at the elevator. The story was over the top for me, and some of the dialogue felt too direct. Loved the caveman voice but felt his english voice doesnt reach the character's potential. The story could go anywhere at this point, which is good but worrisome. Hope the kickstarter page will have some good teasers about where the story might go and the overall scope. I'm really interested in the caveman story but the guy isnt interesting and a girl like her feels too overdone lately. I'm on the fence with this one.